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Screw conveyor

LS &GX screw conveyor is one kind of continuous conveyor widely used for metallurgy, construction, chemical, grain etc. There are two types by single drive type and double drive type.The max length of single drive could be 40 meters (large size at 30 meters).The max length of double drive machine coule be 80 meters(large size at 60 meters). There will be one grade per 0.5meters.The head bearing and tail bearing is set outside the cabinet so as reduce the harm for significant part from powder dust.There will be powder metallurgy,nylon,babbitt metal etc.different bearing bush materials for different choice.

Flexible screw conveyor/Grain Suction Machine


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Stainless steel screw conveyor

Stainless steel screw conveyor has kinds of type machine by factory direct..

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Shaftless screw conveyor

Shaftless screw conveyor is a kind of special conveyorin order to achieve some mixed raw meterial conveying..

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Horizontal screw conveyor

Horizontal screw conveyor is a major transportation unit for industrial and agricultural departments mechanization..

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Tube screw conveyor

Tube screw conveyor is common and good sealabilitycan be special customized..

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Inclined screw conveyor

Inclined screw conveyor can achieve raw material conveying from one place to other placesave more space for factory..

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Vertical screw conveyor

Vertical screw conveyor is a kind special conveying equipment to meet design customers..

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U shaped Screw Conveyor

U shaped screw conveyor is a major conveying equipmentwidely used in kinds of industry..

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Carbon steel screw conveyor

Carbon steel screw conveyor is a conveyor machine for grain/powder/sand/and so on..

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Double axle screw conveyor

Double axle screw conveyor is to install a solid spiral in two seamless steel pipes..

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Two side screw conveyor

The two side screw conveyor is a special equipment designed for customers who need to feed in two directions..

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