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Tube screw conveyor is common and good sealabilitycan be special customized.

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Tube screw conveyor

Category: Screw conveyor

Description: Tube screw conveyor is common and good sealabilitycan be special customized.

Product overview:Tube screw conveyor

Tube screw conveyor,which is designed according to standard of  JB/T679-95 screw conveyor. The machine features high reliability, long lifetime,   good applicability, convenience to install and maintain. The temperature of materials can reach up to 100 °C, the biggest dip angle can be up to 45°.The Screw Conveyor is a conveyor device, which utilizes the rotation of the helical axis in the U-groove to achieve the delivery of materials.

Working principle:

Technoloy parameters:

screw conveyor
Rated speed
Reference capacity
Motor power
Admission biggest gradient
LS114 114 84-130 1 0.75-18.5 <60
LS133 133 84-130 1.3 0.75-18.5 <60
LS159 159 84-130 5 0.75-18.5 <60
LS219 219 84-130 15 0.75-18.5 <60
LS245 245 84-130 20 0.75-18.5 <60
LS273 273 84-130 30 0.75-18.5 <60
LS315 315 84-130 40 0.75-18.5 <60
LS400 400 60-100 45 0.75-18.5 <60
LS500 500 60-100 70 0.75-18.5 <60
LS600 600 60-100 100 0.75-18.5 <60

Manufacture details:

Product feature:

1.The large bearing capacity, safe and reliable.
2. Strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.
3.  high speed, ensure rapid delivery uniformity.
4. The discharge end is equipped with cleaning device, low noise, strong adaptability.
5. Good sealing, shell made of seamless steel tube end use flange connection each other as a body, good rigidity. 

Our company:

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If you are satisfied with our product.As the professional manufacturer of conveying equipments, our engineers can design appropriate machine according to your specifications for your particular manufacturing.Please give me and confrim parameters so that we offer the most suitable machine for you and then quotation,We are pleased to offer you the best product in the most preferential price.
Then we need you offer some infirmation as follows:
1、the name of material that you need deal.
2、the features of material (Particle size,Density, Temperature, Humidity,Viscosity,etc.)
3、the capacity you requested.
4、the length and height of the conveyor.

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