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Stainless steel screw conveyor has kinds of type machine by factory direct.

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Stainless steel screw conveyor

Category: Screw conveyor

Description: Stainless steel screw conveyor has kinds of type machine by factory direct.

Screw conveyor overview:

Stainless steel screw conveyor inclined to convey wet salt

Stainless steel screw conveyor uses revolving screw to move the conveyer material in fixed casing, the bearings of head and tail are moved to shell, hanger bearing adopts sleeve bearing, which have dustproof sealing device, bearing bush usually adopts powder metallurgy,convey concrete adopts felt bushing, hanger shaft and screw shaft are connected by slider.

stainless steel screw conveyor

Working principle of screw conveyor:

The stainless steel screw conveyor drives the spiral groove by the motor for material transportation

Feature of screw conveyor:

1. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: Due to the use of 304 or 316 stainless steel, it has good wear resistance andcorrosion resistance.

2. 200℃ high temperature resistance: 200℃ powder, granule and small block materials can be transported.

3. Prevent rust and avoid pollution to the conveyed materials: 304 or 316 stainless steel is polished, clean andsanitary, will not rust, and the equipment has good airtightness, which can avoid pollution to the conveyed materialsand the environment.

4. Easy to clean: there is a discharge valve at the lower end of the feed inlet, and the screw can be reversed todischarge, so the discharge and cleaning are very convenient

Technoloy parameters of screw conveyor:

Model Diameter(mm) Rated speed(r/min) Reference capacity(m³/h) Motor power(Kw) Admission biggest gradient(o)
LS114 114 84-130 1 0.75-18.5 <60
LS133 133 84-130 1.3 0.75-18.5 <60
LS159 159 84-130 5 0.75-18.5 <60
LS219 219 84-130 15 0.75-18.5 <60
LS245 245 84-130 20 0.75-18.5 <60
LS273 273 84-130 30 0.75-18.5 <60
LS315 315 84-130 40 0.75-18.5 <60
LS400 400 60-100 45 0.75-18.5 <60
LS500 500 60-100 70 0.75-18.5 <60
LS600 600 60-100 100 0.75-18.5 <60

Scope of application

Stainless steel screw conveyor is widely used in various industries, such as food, condiments, pesticides, veterinarydrugs, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal coal, grain and other industries. It issuitable for horizontal or inclined conveying of powder, granular and small pieces of materials. , It is especiallysuitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, meeting the industry hygiene standards, and can transportmaterials such as flour, feed, pepper powder, medicinal powder and other materials.
Stainless steel screw conveyor can be used for conveying soybeans in the grain industry, feeding powders in the pharmaceutical industry, etc


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